la bonne bouteille


Open every day all the year long, I offer to organise your dives "à la carte": you can choose your preferred dive as well as the more convenient moment or suitable to your liking (however depending of your level in diving, meteorology, and hours of tides).

To enjoy diving or to discover the world of diving, it is not necessary to be a good swimmer or to have extraordinary physical capabilities. Age is not of great concern. It is above all a question concerning what you want: whether it is a craving for discovery, a desire of sharing with others or simply to take a moment of pleasure.

If this is your case, it would be my pleasure to accompany you throughout your explorations, or guide you in your beginnings, help you to improve your abilities, or to train you in order to deliver you a diving licence.

I can also offer boating excursions for snorkelling, allowing you to discover the whales and to explore the lagoon and the motu.

I hope to see you later, "Manuia"!